Airsoft 101: The Basics

What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport which uses replica firearms to shoot small diameter plastic pellets. Common uses for airsoft are competitive gaming (similar to paintball), target shooting, military training, and recreation. While similar in operation to BB guns, airsoft guns use lightweight plastic projectiles (BBs) 6mm in diameter instead of metallic 4.5mm BBs. Airsoft guns also typically have a muzzle velocity of less than 180 m/s (600 ft/s), compared to a BB gun which may have a muzzle velocity of 365 m/s (1200 ft/s) or more. The combination of the lighter BB projectile, with greater surface area and the reduced muzzle velocity means that airsoft is considered safe when used in a controlled environment and with safety equipment like protective eyewear. Injury is always a possibility, no matter how powerful the gun. Eye or facial protection should be worn at all times when firing at others. The rate which airsoft guns shoot is called fps standing for feet per second is called the FPS and is limited and regulated by staff at our park.

Safety First!

We want everyone to have fun while playing airsoft or paintball at our parks, but we do enforce our rules and expect them to be followed while playing at our park. Some of the common sense safety rules would be:

  • Always use goggles or a face mask.
  • Keep finger off the trigger and place selector on safe to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Keep airsoft gun in a gun bag when not being used.
  • Place selector switch on safe and put safety cap on the flash hider.
  • Never look down the barrel.
  • NEVER point your gun at anyone when not in an Airsoft game.

Basic Airsoft Game Rules

  1. ALWAYS wear eye protection and follow park rules.
  2. ALWAYS call yourself out when hit. If in doubt, call yourself out to be safe. Make sure you yell "HIT", raise your arm and walk back to the respawn or off the field. Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause.
  3. Try to aim for center of mass. Airsoft isn’t ultra-accurate, so head shots are unavoidable, just try to be courteous. The exception to this is if all you can see is their head, you can take the shot. You would in real life combat, so only follow this if it is practical. Play smart and avoid head shots when possible.
  4. NEVER shoot someone point-blank unless they would not surrender. See surrender rule.
  5. SURRENDER RULE: Airsoft guns can injure so if you get close enough to someone (point-blank range), and have a bead on them, and a direct shot, yell, ”SURRENDER!”. If they surrender, they are dead as this gives the person a chance to avoid being shot at close range. If they do not surrender (and no one HAS to surrender), then you may shoot them but remember to aim center of mass.
  6. STAGING AREA: Do not test fire your guns around the staging area. Find a safe place to shoot away from the loading/staging area. People aren’t always wearing eye protection around the staging area so even if you are shooting away from everyone, there are always ricochets or people walking back from the combat areas.

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